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The reprogramming really did the trick. My car now SHOWS on the computer that it is getting 20-25%% better mileage. Actually it is doing better by about 1-2 mpg, but the biggest reprogram was in the computer readout. For the first 30 or so fill ups, I carefully tracked actual fuel used and mpg with what the computer said. It was never off by more than 3%. NOw it is off by between 15 and 18%. So, if you have the IQ of meat, as Ford would expect you to have, and never actually check, you are going to be thrilled with the update. On the other hand, if you actually check using the "real: method of filling up at same station facing the same direction each time, then dividing miles driven by actual gallons filling the tank, you will find that the Ford fix is all tent and no circus. To be more blunt, it is BS! One Ford Customer Service "manager" actually told me that the EPA tests were on flat roads, one person in car, no luggage, never over 55 mph at sea level with no accessories (radio, AC, or defrosters turned on. He said the ay "normal folks" drive the mileage would be around 35 mpg. Oh yes, the windows must be rolled up so as to not create "drag". What bullshit!
Nice car, but mpg ratings set by brothers GRimm. Been to 4dealers, all who tested car going around the block or downhill. I tested again the other night. 18 miles total elevation change 265 ft. No ac, never over 60 mph on freeway and got 32.1. I have ave 32.8 for over 9000 miles with over 40% ev miles and a brake score of 88%. Whi is kidding who. Ford lies and the dealers swear to it. Do NOT buy the fusion hybrid looking for anything over 34 mpg in very moderate driving. Ain't gonna happen. I am enrolled in the class action
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Aug 14, 2013