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Millbrae, CA
Financial executive
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Don't know the man; doesn't matter. He was someone who reached out to America to educate them on the value and importance of gold, and for that he was an honorable man. He put together an invaluable aggregator site for all of us, a tremendous creation, and I thank him.
Doug Radtke is the voice we need. Anyone that is sitting on a $61M slush fund of our money needs to explain themselves. I'm tired of government socking away our money and then crying that they need more. Did we even dream of the day when our sales tax rates would be this high? Totally despicable. At least Doug is offering accountability to the taxpayers - I don't hear that from the other candidates.
"Are-are-are, you saying, I mean, was it first oversold and now it's overbought?", says the announcer, clearly missing the screaming point. All they can do is talk in jargon about oversold and overbought and looking at charts. People, the central bank gold is, if not gone, is getting there. "Uh, it's a COMMODITY, it may be breaking out in the course of a bigger downtrend" the other guy says, nervously hoping his overlords approve of his attempt to discredit gold while it's 'inexplicably' gone up 8% in the last month. No, it's not a commodity, any more than a dollar is a napkin. Yes, it can be used for that, but its primary function is different. Gold is money. I don't see central banks storing soybeans as a reserve item.
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Aug 17, 2013