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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Music lover, foodie, traveler
Interests: Music, food, bicycles, running, reading
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Wow, you know how to live life to its fullest and delight in the joys of what is good cuisine. Great road trip stops and pictures of the food. I hope to follow in your footsteps. James |
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2014 on Panahar - Atlanta at Road Tips
It's nice to see an article on safe weight loss because these days people will try anything to lose weight. It is important to do it in a safe way and not risk your health over a few pounds. I go all natural and organic all day every day. James |
I like the ideas for cards. I love the floating floors and depth that it adds to the card. You rule. James |
Personal injury lawyers can really help you out of a bind if you get into an accident. I had a cousin get compensated well after a freak accident. Luckily, the injuries weren't fatal. Do your research and find the guy you need. James |
Auto insurance can be a tricky thing. Thanks for breaking it down like this, each case can be so different concerning the the many liabilities. But, it is always important to have auto insurance. James |
I almost had a chance to go there when I was passing through. We did make it to Notre Dame though for a bit. I love Italian stores, whether it be a grocery store or clothing. James |
I think this is a smart idea. I have always disliked that I couldn't understand the doctors records about me. I feel like it should be simpler so that both of us can understand. Then I can take initiative sometimes. James |
Webinars are a great way to educate people in the 21st century. Times have changed and the way people interact with technology is different now. I think online learning is the future of education. James |
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Does the certificate carry as much weight? I feel like these days everyone is getting certified online, so maybe it's okay. I am just a traditionalist. James |
It's always tricky trying to save on the utility bill. I think you nailed it though, a good balance between efficiency and not over-using it can help. It depends on the location you live in and the insulation of your home too. It's good to be aware of these things though. James |
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Finding a good dentist for your family is important. Especially one the kids can all get along with. Some dentists I know have rooms that are themed for children, and the kids love it. James |
Awesome! It's sometimes difficult for my wife to fit in an appointment during the work week or on Saturday when we run all our errands. I'll have my wife look her up and try something on a Sunday. Thanks. James |
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2014 on Now Open on Sundays at Jill Bucy Skincare
Great photos! And that hunting camo vest on that groom?! hah. Love it all as well. James |
What a great tip. I am curious why you have Sara Bareilles and Martha Stewart as your tags? ha ha. Silly. Anyway, good dentistry is hard to find. James |
Gotta be careful out there. James |
Wow! How powerful was that wind? How did I not hear about this when it happened. That is wild. James |
Great advice. I did my research before choosing the self storage in Minneapolis that I use now, and they have great facilities and security.
The HOA can get complicated at times, but luckily where I am at, things are running smoothly. James |
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Congrats guys. James |
Great podcast. I definitely waited too long and didn't realize that I was the only person who was having trouble seeing the chalkboard until high school. My life literally lit up when I got glasses. James |
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You need to get check ups, I didn't until I was a teenager and I realized I was seeing life as a big blur. It is important to check up and get an eye exam. James |
I don't think you need to be afraid of physiotherapy. People have been doing it awhile now and it could help you. James |
What a wonderful idea with the medicinal peanut butter. I hope more malnourished kids can be helped through you. James |
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2013 on Peanuts4Peanuts at CultureJunkie
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Where is the answer? What is it good for? Why are people using the lactic acid peel? James |
Bravo, my friends. I hope that where I go has a similar approach. James