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I didn't know you had to go to college to become a welder! That's pretty awesome. Who knew it was such a demanding career? I wonder if there are kids growing up who dream of becoming a welder...
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2014 on Is The Welder Shortage a Scam? at Nine Shift
I've heard that there are a ton of animals being mistreated in the Middle East right now, as well as people. Why don't we hear more about the animals getting murdered? I think it would be a great idea to start some sort of animal rescue mission, don't you? I'll have to see if anyone from the animal hospital would help me out.
They should have the right to be there! Airport means airport taxi service, doesn't it? The other cabbies should respect that.
He looks adorable with braces on! Does he keep them clean? My son didn't keep them too clean and his teeth got stained. It was a huge pain.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2014 on braces at find joy in the journey
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So what makes a mini storage unit "mini"? Is the only difference in size? When I hear the word "mini," though, I imagine a Barbie sized storage unit. It can't be that small!
I had no idea a pipe bursting could cause so much damage! I also heard one burst at the place where they held the Oscars! Luckily, it was fixed in time for the event!
How easy is it to even get a garage door repair? In Omaha NE, I know a few people who do their own repairs. How did you learn about garage doors?
Is it really easy to get into occupational medicine over there? In Jacksonville, NC, I feel like it's a lot more difficult. What do you know about ? Is that a good place to go?
Cuales son los productos naturales que debo usar? Tengo una problema con la acidez pero no se como aliviarlo! Una amiga me conto de Sabes algo de ellos?
I've heard a lot about this global moving company but I've heard even more about . What do you know about them? They're in the same neighborhood, aren't they?
Do you think that in Plymouth IN, family dentistry is approached the same way as everywhere else? Are the family values the same in that town?
When I lived in Markham, garage doors always seemed to have problems. I realized later, though, that it was because people didn't do the proper maintenance.
How bad does a toothache have to get before visiting the dentist in Dyer IN? I've never known anyone to put off a thing like that for very long, but I still don't want to go if it's not a big deal.
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I think scrap metal, even in Surrey, is so beautiful (! I love these photos. There's something about the destructed look of it that I'm drawn to. I wonder what that says about me haha!
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2013 on Scrap Metal Load... at Along the Right of Way ...
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What are these high caliber e-liquid cigs like? I have friends who have tried these: but I've never been able to get my hands on one so far. What kind do you recommend?
Have you noticed any difference in the roofing in Calgary versus in other places? I know it differs slightly from place to place depending on the climate there, but I never knew how much.
When I was in Chicago, tree services seemed to be everywhere. I guess it's especially important in a city where there's not a lot of room to begin with, huh?
A friend of mine told me he used these tips to find his bankruptcy lawyer in Edmonton ( Thanks so much for sharing! I definitely benefited from reading this, as well.
It's definitely good to know the prices of things before getting the procedures done. I have a couple friends who do cosmetic dentistry in Fort Mcmurray and even they like to know these things upfront. Thanks for sharing!
This is such a lovely picture! Would you mind if I copied the theme for my wedding in Orland Park IL ( I don't feel I'm creative enough to come up with a concept on my own...
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2013 on ONE YEAR. at BLEUBIRD BLOG
I had no idea you could be so creative with doors in Calgary (! I usually use them for the traditional method ;)
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2013 on Old Weathered Doors at Ginny's Small Studio
I've always thought kids dentistry ( was very important. Especially starting out, a child should feel comfortable at the dentist so they learn that it's not actually a scary place. Thanks for sharing!
Would you say that transformer painting like is another important part of radiator service?
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Aug 30, 2013