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Interests: sports,environment,energy.
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China have at least three grown P2P car rental companies,Daimler started to promote Car2go since 2013,it`s damn too slow to catch the China market.
Well,most consumers in China just brought their first car of family,which means car must have long range easy to maintain.Due to the infrastructure issue,EV couldnot drive long distance. PHEV could got subsidy and free license in some cities,That`s why Chinese consumers like it.
The CEO Wang Chuanfu said BYD can product vehicle like tesla in mintues(分分钟造出tesla),here is what Chinese think about him. The link below in Chinese,hope you guys have google chrome) I will translate the main point. 1.BYD never built performance car 2.Poor power management system 3.Tesla have star consumers I agree with Herman,the reason why you guys could brought E6 is BYD did not submit the F3DM for crash testing.Here is test of the vehicle from BYD(C-NCAP) BYD F0 3stars BYD F6 4stars BYD F3 3stars BYD G6 4stars BYD S6 5stars BYD 7150 5stars Geely EC7 5stars in C-NACP test here is EU test result open your eyes see another test The vehicle get 5 stars in C-NACP but only 3 or 4 stars in other countries test.You may ask why only show the result about GEELY,we talk about BYD. They never tested. As a Chinese researcher,I feel there is large gap between China auto makers and other international companies,no matter the hardware or software.
hope this APP could help more "clean driver" find fueling station easier than before. when could china gov do the same thing for us?
Currently working on PE research,it`s pretty good engine.only available on motor cycle so far but they may make small engine for car in 2015. very good fuel economy.
@Kit P Thank you for your information. The good news for China is that the centre goverment announced a clear air program with 5 billion RMB at 14.Oct,the Environmental Protection Minister already put 500 million into his cognate`s pocket so far. Our problem is not only equipment but also the people.
Unfortunately I never seen any store/station provide battery recycle service so far.They reduce air pollution in downtown area but make soil pollution somewhere.How hard to recycle/recover the battery? Why compare with other companies?xinri only make two wheels EV,you cant ride the EV more than 100km each charge. Further more,electric bicycle increased 30% traffic accident risk in urban area.More and more people didnt follow the limit speed and traffic rule(fast as motorcycle but didnt follow motor vehicle driving rules) Guangzhou just launched new policy that EB could application for license,this is positive response for EB.Hope they could deal with battery company in order to discuss recycle issue.
"performed a systematic study of in-vehicle exposure to include a full range of car types and operating conditions, as well as all types of particulate pollution. " I just confused about these words,since I live in beijing.It`s quite different issue between US and CHN,why concentrations of particle pollutants on freeways are often five to 10 times higher than elsewhere?
China gov only open 20% space in air for commercial purposes,I do not think China`s ATMB have enough power to boost the efficiency unless they can convince China Air Force open more space.