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Beth Leal
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My little man has learned to slam the door. We were uncertain he really understood what he was doing until he closed the door from a fully open position. This means he might not have a door too much longer.
I have a near 16month old who HATES being in his crib. Usually (98% of the time) once we start getting him to bed I am the ONLY person who can settle him down--if Daddy or Grandma tries to settle him, I spend two to three times as long trying to get him settled back down. He goes to bed fairly reliably about 8 pm, and will sleep through the night about half the time. The other half the time he wakes up between 10:30 and 12:30 and starts crying. If I hear him as he's waking up and just starting to fuss, I can get him back down in 20 minutes or less. If he's full blown screaming, it takes longer. He wakes up most mornings between 6 and 6:30, and is "snuggly" with his Daddy for another hour or so before he's ready to get up and run around. Daddy stays home with him, but has problems with naptime. No matter how obviously tired he is, my little man WILL NOT settle down for a nap easily. The best method for getting him to nap is about 15-20 minutes of Ronnie James Dio music videos on youtube. He'll sit in your lap and watch the videos, and will fall asleep on your shoulder and can then be put into his crib. He'll sleep about 40 minutes to an hour before he wakes up. Occasionally he'll snuggle back into your shoulder when you go get him, and fall back asleep. We also struggle with night terrors that include lots of throwing himself around as if throwing a tantrum and what is likely going to be a sleep walker when he gets bigger--he'll stand up in the crib and bang his head against the rails fussing, while totally asleep.
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Sep 11, 2013