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Paul Stokes
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Open citation data is coming. It’s a matter of when, not if ‘In the beginning was the link…’ – Most of us know what a citation is, a relationship between two publications. But what is open citation data? Unsurprisingly, its citation data that’s open, free to use, re-usable…and useful in ways you probably haven’t thought about yet. Over the years citations have become the key currency of academic reputation, helping to measure the degree of influence any one scholar’s works have had on the academic community. At the most basic level, there are two important aspects of citations associated with any one paper; who is cited in it and who it’s cited by. The first is easy to establish, the information should be there in the document. However a crystal ball is needed to know who is doing the citing.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2013 at Research Blogs
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Sep 11, 2013