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John Beck
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Sep 15, 2013
Don't you think you are underestmating Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity? They are, after all, filling a void left by Conservatives. Who was to take up the post then? They also have to cater to the same people that have been predominantly school by liberals - and thus 'dumbed down.' In much the same manner my local podiatrist had to take down her sign and put out a new one that said, "Foot Doctor." Thanks to Beck (as much as a latecomer as he was, having spent too much time bogged down in alcohol and then getting immersed in Mormonism) many people actually read the Constitution for the first time. People started asking 'What do I believe and why?" I think Kirk and Buckley would like that. Hannity has been the greatest crusader for the cultural issues of our day. Limbaugh could have done a better job explaining Conservative ideas over all these years on radio however. And looking at what Beck has done with his profits - one has to wonder why Limbaugh couldn't have spent more time building and funding a Conservative think tank rather than alternating between a radio show and golf. We should latch on even to people like Trump, so long as they still cling to "the permanent stuff." I do see your point however, just leaving my thoughts. Enjoyed your article.
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Sep 15, 2013