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Prince Andrei
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Alas, they've all been blitz'd, but thanks for the consideration. I'll just try reading a bit more.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2013 on 1.2- Personal Rule at Revolutions
Back in the day, I tuned-in to Duncan's 'History of Rome' pod-cast after it had been running for some time and -- praiseworthiness aside -- I blitzed through the entire archive in a week perhaps. I simply couldn't stop myself from listening to "one more episode, just one more for the night, I swear!," on account of the pod-cast's quality and depth of subject-matter on the one hand, and Captain Duncan's narrative ability and his infectious enthusiasm on the other hand. I preface my post with this praise in order to describe an acutely painful side-effect I'm experiencing while listening to 'Revolutions': a craven hunger for weekly... Nay, DAILY episodes! What must we do to keep you locked in your home, at your desk, and in front of the microphone, while pumping out an episode every other day? Hmm? We are an accommodating group of fans and I'm sure my frustration is felt throughout the 'Revolution' community. Quit whatever job is stealing time from both your true calling in life and our privileged enjoyment of that calling. Make it happen. All kidding aside, the pod-cast is working on all cylinders. I'm a huge fan and routinely expose friends and acquaintances alike to your work in the hopes of leveraging the power and effectiveness pod-casts exhibit in the classroom and in life.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2013 on 1.2- Personal Rule at Revolutions
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Sep 15, 2013