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Anna Quandt
Iowa City IA
PhD sociologist, retired from foreign aid program to raise Aspergers son, now 22.
Interests: Environment and autism, programs for young adults, biomed interventions,opportunities in video -graphy for my son.
Recent Activity
Than you Natalie. These videos warmed my heart!
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2016 on Coping With Loneliness at AGE OF AUTISM
Dan, Love the picture. Thanks for all you do.
Thank you Anne for this update on environmental research. I remember having such high hopes when the MIND Institute was set up. I'd like to see a break down of their funding sources. Are there any environmental scientists working on this problem who do not rely on all "the usual" funding sources?
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2015 on Autism and Environment Today at AGE OF AUTISM
Have we forgotten bad arithmetic?: There's no epidemic. Just better diagnosis. It's an important piece to the paradigm. Because if the rates are really increasing we would have to look for an environmental cause.
Thank you Dan. You are one of my true heroes.
Yup. Nice new study in JAMA. Authors affiliated with The Lewin Group and Optum. Funding unspecified.
I read the USA Today article by Karen Weintraub. It states,"the drug appeared to benefit rodents whose autistic behaviors had been caused by genetic problems, as well as in cases triggered by an epilepsy medication, valproic acid". So drug manufacturers know how to create autism in rodents by giving them valproic acid. Do they know the mechanism by which this works? Do they know other toxins that create autistic lab rats? Is there a whole hidden science on how to create autism if you can't find enough "genetic" cases? Somebody help me here.
I have not followed this debate as carefully as the rest of you. Why is it not possible to fund and carry out a vaccinated /unvaccinated study with private funds? I know Generation Rescue did an initial survey a few years ago which was ignored by the establishment. But it still baffles me that in a free country we can't get an independent study.
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Sep 17, 2013