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@washcycle, the cop was reacting to having 911 called on him for having pulled over in a bike lane. As far as I know this kind of stuff happens everywhere there are bike lanes-- not just cops but also delivery trucks, people dropping off groceries, etc. And of course it happens on car traffic lanes as well. Get over it, there are far more pressing matters to be concerned about. The cop could have been a little nicer, but the really bad judgement was displayed here by the videographer.
@rob, I would like to see more folks riding bikes as a form of transportation. That's why I care about this stuff, that's why I care about the impression that people get about cycling. Given your history of videos, if there were a bunch of old ladies riding in DC, you'd likely video them and call them "f'ing shoalers".
@dynaryder, probably a bit on the dramatic side to say that cyclists are "2nd class citizens". Car-bike accidents happen everywhere and as far as I know there is no place I'm familiar with where cyclists always get a fair shake. It will be that way, IMHO, as long as car-traffic far outnumbers bike-traffic. In general though, being a "whiner" (that's your word choice), is no way to get things to change in a meaningful way. It doesn't work for 2 year olds and it doesn't work for adults in DC.
Some people have been stressing repeatedly that the guy who took the video did "nothing wrong". Well no, he did do something wrong. He did not break any traffic laws nor do anything that was even worthy of a citation. He is guilty of something else entirely: cringe-worthy, over-the-top SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. Looking at the guy's video feed, I see 80+ videos of confrontations over a couple of years. Sampling a few, I see a lot of self-righteousness, harsh scorn for novices (eg "f'ing shoalers"), something about "muppets" wtf is that, riding down the new M street cycletrack on a Saturday night indignant **gasp** that there are people spilling out to it?. To be fair some of these incidents show dumb and inexcusable behavior. But.... to make a hobby out of it is a bit too much. I'm sure this guy is all about being the self-ordained mr safety patrol, unfortunately, that's a step backwards for cyclist advocacy. As for the incident itself, I ride in Philly everyday. When I saw this video I had to really think if I had encountered blockages of bike lanes. Then, yesterday, I was riding down 10th street on a bike lane and passed a mail truck that had pulled over onto the bike lane. Then I realized, these blockages don't even register to my memory, I don't even think of them as an obstacle. I find it unimaginable that somebody would take the time to stop, call 911, or haggle over something like this. This person must have a LOT of time on their hands as will as a lot of vitriol.I think some of you need to put these kinds of things into the proper perspective.
911 systems in a big city can "handle" large call volumes. Their operators are well-trained in prioritizing calls so that valuable police resources are focused where they are needed. If you see something that is an immediate, happening problem it is perfectly fine to call 911 and let the operators and police sort out the priority. Just accept that many cases, like this one, will likely be ignored or given a comically long time window for response. This is because the police are responding to problems like accidents, murders, robberies, and other nontrivial emergencies. is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 17, 2013