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Hi Joe. I know this is complex and not well researched. But in one of your books you mentioned that Zone 2 and Zone 4 are the best zones to train in. Because Zone 3 offers relatively little added beneift over Zone 2, and yet increases recovery time. Since Zones are based on LT, I'm sure there is an easy way to correlate Zones to IF. So that gives some indication of how IF impacts recovery. Right?
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2014 on Recovery and Intensity Factor at Joe Friel
A more interesting metric might be the changes to LT. While MAX HR may increase when you lose fitness, I'm sure LT decreases. Based on your guidance, my zones are all based on LT now. So I care more about LT changes over time and fitness.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2013 on More Interesting Info on Max Heart Rate at Joe Friel
"The lower your HR is relative to your power or pace, the more aerobically fit you are." That totally makes sense. Also, the less your HR drifts, over a long effort, at the same power or pace, the more fit you are. But isn't that unrelated to max HR? I still don't get why a fit athlete, at MAX effort, might be able to push his HR only up to, say, 200. A biological governor prevents it going higher, even if more O2 is needed at an all-out fall over and puke effort. But, if that same athlete gets injured, takes a break and loses fitness, s/he might be able to then get their HR up to 205. Probably at a lower pace/power as well since fitness has been lost. The body is a wonderful and mysterious mechanism.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2013 on Interesting Info at Joe Friel
Joe - great info. I understand that Aerobic Capacity might decline from, say, 60 to 50 over years. But if I'm only sustaining a VO of 35 on a 12 hour ride or 50 mile run, do I care? I'm guessing my LT might also drop by the same ratio, so I guess my VO=35 would be closer to my LT, causing a higher level of exertion, more glycogen use, etc. Is that the issue for sub-maximal efforts with a lower VO2Max?
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2013 on Aging: What's Behind the Decline? at Joe Friel
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Sep 23, 2013