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How much schooling does it take to learn decent auto repair? In Auburn WA, I've heard there are lots of different places you can learn it, some two week courses, some two year courses! I don't know where to start, though. Should I take both?
I think that's so fantastic! If only all of the pediatricians, even here in Columbia MD, were this great. I definitely think parents can help their children be healthy, physically and mentally, by just accepting them no matter what. At least, it was a problem with my parents.
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I've heard a lot about wall safes lately. Are they just like the kind in the movies that you can hide behind a picture frame? I think that'd be sweet!
Wow, what an improvement! I wonder if in Lethbridge, dental veneers are common. You usually can't tell when people have them, huh?
I've never seen anybody with transparent teeth! Yuck, that sounds really awful. I wonder what a dentist in Lethbridge would do about that. Can they fix it? Or would the person have to get veneers?
I've had to get my transmission repair in Calgary a couple times and it's always worked out well for me.
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Sep 23, 2013