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Dave Murphy
Lebanon NH
The Ammonia Man
Interests: Making ammonia from natural gas and ethanol.
Recent Activity
W000000T W0000000T W0000000T Aruba! ;)
Use Fitch Fuel Catalyst and get 15% better mileage than that!
Try adding AMMONIA (NH) twice the BTU'S of gasoline. NO NOX NO CO2! Ethanol makes gas worse ammonia makes gas better! Ammonia = $1.80 gallon!
Try Fitch Fuel Catalyst 15% improvement inmileage also NOX 70% lower.
Please make AMMONIA NH3! It can run in cars now. Also runs in fuel cells. NH3 has twice mileage of gasoline. NO NOX no CO2
Wall Street's War Against LaRouche's Fusion Energy Foundation September 27, 2013 • 12:16PM The killing of fusion research in the United States had everything to do with the war against the LaRouche movement, whose Fusion Energy Foundation was the recognized political driver for the achievement of fusion in the 1970s, as well as the Strategic Defense Initiative. Front and center in that war was Wall Street, which must be understood as nothing more than an outpost for the British financial empire. We briefly summarize the story. It was 1978, when the Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF) was gaining major support among scientists, engineers, and policy layers, that Wall Street surfaced in opposition--in its own name. That was the year when a group of bankers and financiers formed the "Nuclear club of Wall Street," which went on to coordinate a major slander campaign against the FEF on a global scale. Key international British agents in this "Club," which purported to be pro-fusion, were: Arthur Ross, a British Intelligence-connected banker; John W. Hanes, Jr., textile magnate and general partner of an
Run NH3 made from natural gas in the that's bulk power cheap and clean! No NOX or CO2.
Wall Street's War Against LaRouche's Fusion Energy Foundation 6 hours 10 min ago Fusion Economy! LaRouchePAC
Use the Fitch Fuel Catalyst with this engine and fuel line heaters in cold weather and it will run better. Ams oil is good for 8% better mileage too.
We can make AMMONIA NH3 from natural gas and that has NO NOX and no CO2. Pure ammonia can be burned in your cars now. diesels too. Ethanol 10% and ethanol 15% are frauds! Get all ethanol out of gas vehicles now! NH3 has 2 twice the BTUS of Gasoline too.
Why not adding ammonia to gas? That really makes it better! Cars and diesels can run on pure ammonia. No CO2 no NOX.
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Sep 26, 2013