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@Hitomi Microsoft ceased support for Win XP, LL support of XP is not the relevant question...
Ebbe's track record would imply that Ebbe has something to tell Pathfinder, and not vice-versa. Well, two platforms were put into demise under Pathfinder's watch. So what justifies to over-hype Pathfinder as business administrative guru if the outcomes are miserable. Ebbe has a Quality Management approach, and Q-Words were never used in virtual worlds up to now. Example: ‎Second Life‬ presently does not list Windows 8 as supported - SL is actually a Dunce Company Supporting Windows XP is obsolete! The following support thread is 1.5 years old, and the Second Life requirements website has not responded to the Windows 8 issue SL is so stupidly unresponsive to external domain changes! Godspeed You Pathfinder! Second Life is in dire need of Quality Appraisal by Software Engineering Institute SEI The same incident happened with Win 7 a few years ago, SL also forgot to update their requirements website. The Second Life Gap in Quality Culture is reflected, if the same incident repeats, and is not remedied in a swift manner. So the SEI Quality Audit and an organizational QM Culture turnaround is long overdue. Pathfinder needs this advice, I would think.
SL Forum 03-27-2006 Question: What would make a good competitor for Second Life? Answer: I say Garry's Mod... GMod already gives you the ability to run your own sim, with the server option. It lets visitors come by your sim. It lets you build inside your sim; you can both save what you build and save the state of your sim; and best of all it's very possible to both import and export objects to-and-from GMod That was 2006, now we have Garry's Mod 13 + Standalone Version 14.01.22 in 2014! is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 27, 2013