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Hi John, thanks for the lengthy, detailed review; amazing photos and they remind me of who I want to check out more. It was great talking with you too. I also didn't know about this publisher being there; I appreciate your highlighting it. Since this is a privately organized festival which is not obligated to avoid preferences or to allow anyone to sell, if the stated goal is to be apolitical, then the choice of vendors (and bands, but that wasn't an issue) ought to reflect that. I'm very saddened by the publisher's comment too. I also read the hit piece and having gone to Stella last year I thought it was ridiculous. I'm Jewish and I know there were other Jewish people there, as well as others of different colors and creeds. There was a lot of mutual respect, support and kindness all around, so it's sad that it was tainted by this publisher's presence. I'm of the same mind as Worm Ouroboros; I won't attend if overtly bigoted vendors or bands are going to be there. I simply will not associate myself with hateful people; this is far more important to me than playing at Stella.
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Oct 4, 2013