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I was lucky to have seen John Renbourn here in Rhode Island at the Blackstone River Theatre twice. Its director, Russ Guisetti, said to me, you should always see your music heroes and truer words could not be said.What wonderful, long-lasting music that whole movement has brought forth!
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Marina Warner has a number of videos on youtube as well.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2014 on Fairy Tales, Then & Now at Myth & Moor
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This wonderful artist, Jen Corace, lives in my town. How cool!
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2014 on Moving beyond fear of failure at Myth & Moor
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Dear MOM (Jane) - my 80 year old "battling" mother has gone through 6 back surgeries in the past 18 years with the last one being done by a doctor who was not going to do it. But he changed his mind, calling her back with a yes because he had been so impressed with her will to keep on being independent and doing what she loves - which is gardening! It took 3 months of hospital, rehab and PT, but she had her indominitable will as one of her main caregivers. Commander Jane, you and your ship will come out on the other side of this trip to these particular depths patched and repaired and ready to ride the waves again. A good weld repair is usually stronger than the parent material.
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I bought my second house 2 years ago after swearing I would never again (lost it in a blowback from a divorce) and I really love just being there. The funny thing is - people think I'm strange for wanting to be at home all the time instead of "going somewhere". I have walked my dog or just myself in the same state forest for the past 18 years and people always ask me why I don't 'go somewhere else" or "see something different". When I read these quotes from Gary especially, it reminds me why I walk and just be in the same areas every day. It's because I love the land I'm with and that love can't grow or deepen without intimate contact. I know the changes that each day brings on the land around me and yet it always surprises me (like the endangered Pink Lady Slippers that hide in plain view along the asphalted road of the state forest!).
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I sew a good many of my own clothes. And sometimes, I run a little low because I've not sat at the sewing machine as often as I should have! But people ask me why I do that when it would be so much easier just to go out to the store and buy them. It does seem like it would be easier. But like writing (which I used to do quite a lot), I sew for myself, firstly, to temporarily ease the creative pressure pushing out from just under the skin. Then I do it to have the sense of accomplishment I get from producing and finally just to cover my nakedness (and to keep me away from the vortex that is clothes shopping!). Of course, have something that is funky, eye-catching and imagination provoking plays into all of it. I also have sewn for others, but only medieval garb - creating specifically for another person is a whole other journey. Who you write for can be who you paint for, who you sew for, who you play music for, who you act for......
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2014 on Who do you write for? at Myth & Moor
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Middlemarch has affected me a similar way, but not as often over the years, I suppose, as I've only read it 1 1/2 times! I recently was sick at home for a few days and watched the BBC version of Middlemarch from beginning to end and it didn't quite jibe with what I had remembered reading in my mid 20's. So, I went back to re-read it and found myself in the same frame of mind as Mead did, especially in light of age, more experience, and wisdom (I hope!).
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I have a date book with which I've started a new practice based on your blog, Terri. When a poem or a bit of a quote strikes me, I open to a random blank date in the date book and copy it down as a surprise to myself later on in the year. John Donahue's poem provides many quotes that I have taken down and I'm sure they will remind me, just at the time they are needed, to slow down and rest. Thank you!
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2014 on Gradually returning to oneself.... at Myth & Moor
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Thanks, Terri, for both the link to "Spoon Theory" as well as being "at home" through your daily blog. I have a best friend with whom MS resides as well as an aging parent who is frustrated by how little the number of spoons she has compared to the number in her youth. It puts into some perspective of what they go through as well as draws me up short for some re-evaluation of my own.... Also, following your blog has sent me down some very interesting paths (under the generalized heading of Mythic Arts, I guess) that I haven't traversed since childhood and that have opened new realms of experience and knowledge for me. Best always.
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Here in Rhode Island, US, the town of Pawtucket is often considered the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution because of the first weaving mill started by Samuel Slater who brought to Pawtucket the model of cotton spinning machines from England in 1793. We had no history of a cottage industry for weaving per se and this area became a major hub for weaving of many types as well as for roping, cording, etc. Slater Mill is now a museum, and there are many pockets of what used to be mill villages around the state. There are plenty of New England working songs that center around the mills. The cotton mills mostly died out in the 1930's and there is only one factory still in operation making trim. Only a handful of the buildings have been converted for other uses. The unemployment rate here is 9.1% - 3rd highest in country.
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I'm sorry, but I find nothing "VERY rough" about the recordings. They evoke singing in some warm great hall at feast when the winter winds howl outside and the noise of the feasting has become silent to better listen to the storyteller singing her tale. Thank you.
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