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Michael Weindl
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That its cold in the US means nothing in context to climate change, my hometown in the German alps which has a long history as a ski resort has another snowless winter and 60 degrees. Climate change manmade or not costs them a lot of money.
Bernard, European simply don't consider pickup trucks as very useful. If you load something its neither protected from theft nor from the elements. Contractors mostly own a delivery type van with a diesel engine which can be locked and tools can be left inside when its parked maybe even with a small workbench or so. They do own SUV's if someone needs to tow a boat for example but then its mostly a BMW X, Mercedes, Range Rover or a Japanese make with a diesel engine. American SUV's are not considered good vehicles for the much higher speeds on the Autobahn. PS I was involved a few ago in a accident on the freeway here in HI where a pickup truck lost his liner and a Harley rider drove into it and almost lost his life.
I had a VW Multivan SYNCRO which did the same thing 15 years ago..or is there a difference between Syncro and EcoTrac?
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Oct 9, 2013