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"But another important cause,paradoxically, is the increased cost of college education, which tilts the student body toward richer kids—and rich kids and their parents expect superior amenities in the way of housing, food, athletic facilities, and police protection. Such students expected to be treated as consumers, rather than as kids with no rights or representation (the situation of students at Yale in the 1950s; there was no student government, and no appeal from expulsion)." But wasn't Ivy League elite education more the preserve of the rich and privileged in the past? There was no affirmative action, and elite colleges didn't have 'diversity' programs. I think a greater percentage of students in the 50s came from upper class backgrounds. The real difference is that the culture of the rich has changed. The rich in the past tended to be less showy and believed in instilling work ethic and thrift in their young ones. Maybe this went back to the Protestant roots of America. But the culture of the rich has become more demanding, narcissistic, brazen, and shameless since boomers became parents. In the 60s, boomers wanted to have all the fun and be young forever. As they grew up and made money, they wanted to have all the wealth and fun. They raised their kids to be crass and materialistic than reserved and moderate. All races wanna strut around like Paris Hilton or millionaire rap stars.
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Oct 13, 2013