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These things are so cute!! One tip I discovered with my now 3.5 year old girl is that once she chose her lovie (a little cream colored teddy bear she named Biz), you might want to hop on ebay or go back to the store to get a spare! Mr. Biz and his twin saved us from the worry of a lost lovie or accidentally leaving him at school and not realizing until bedtime or realizing that he was in the washer and isn't dry at bedtime... With my girl starting pre-preschool next week, I think we need one of those adorable backpacks! I'd let her pick, but I really love the penguin and the monkey (I call her monkey when she's being mischievous anyway!) I think one of those bath wraps could easily turn into a dress-up costume around here! The bunny and bear might be favourites, though the butterfly you got would be very much loved! And I've discovered that we're woefully short on pajamas,so I need to pick up some soon. It's easy to let the kiddo sleep in regular clothes when they're just pull-on tshirt pants and tshirts anyway! I do love the patterned bunnies and picnic pals are adorable! I think I know what the next baby shower gift I buy will be!!
I knew you were in the trenches fighting, but had no idea how major the battle was! You're one of the strongest and smartest women I know - you're destined to do great things! This transition to the 40s is really freaking hard, isn't it? It's hit me like a freight train! Love and HUGS to you
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Oct 17, 2013