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Tiguex, Nuevo New Mexico
Proud Father of two little Amazons
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I really liked the cartoon! They did a great job!
I blame my wife. When Olivia was born we had the crib attached to our queen sized bed as a co-sleeper with one side removed and hard foam in the gap to prevent here from falling in the gap. We had another dear daughter added last year, Miss Zoë did not have the crib co-sleeper. Dad (me) made a new larger bed. I took the hardware from our queen and with a few alterations and a purchase of this product called Insta-King and another twin XL mattress, we have a bed that stretches 100 inches across. I cannot tell you how much I love it. Olivia has her own bed complete with Hello Kitty sheets now, but when she does sneak back in there is so much room we don't even notice. We didn't even have to buy special sheets, the sheets from BB&B worked great and stretch to cover both mattresses. Zoë can sleep sideways all she wants! I might be divorced by now or sleeping on the couch if we still had just the queen-sized bed.
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Get Schnitzfaced? Is that Mazzy's Schnitzface? Great pics!
Right now our favorite car game is who can annoy mom the most! Whether it is screaming for a dropped toy, dropped piece of candy, having to use the potty, or singing Old McDonald and adding different animals and making up noises for them. But the truth is there is no real winner. When Mommy finally gets annoyed, "crickets" is all we hear.
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What's a dead banana? I have a house full of monkeys. Cannot keep bananas stocked. I've made the popsicles and even banana ice cream using coconut cream in the BlendTec. It is delicious. Always use frozen bananas in my smoothies. We slice them and freeze on a 1/2 sheet in Ziploc(c) Perfect portions bags. Then after frozen we gathers them up and place in a large Ziploc(c) freezer bag for our smoothies. The only problem I have with bananas is buying them ripe. Why is it that when I go, they are usually over-ripe or green?
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2014 on 5 Things to do with a Dead Banana at Mommy Shorts
Never, ever, ever ,ever let them out of the cart. I don't unbuckle the seat belt until I'm back in the parking lot. But they have more fun when I push the cart with the car, I find empty aisles and run down them and they giggle.
Only time the house is clean is when the kiddos are taking their naps. Other than that, Hurricane Livy and Tornado Zoë are too busy scattering toys and making messes. Herculean effort to clean, and then when The Moms stops by, I can just feel her scanning the house and her subtle, but utter disappointment. If she would just call ahead, then maybe I could bulldoze the clutter and mess into one room. Oh well, maybe when they get to school age the house will get clean.
little birds need to trust in themselves, trust in their wings. If you support the branch they choose to rest on, how cannot learn to trust in their wings? But the best part about this story, is Harlow's ability to ask for help when needed. Her knowing you're their to help when she asks for it is comforting.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2014 on The Benefit of Lazy Parenting at Mommy Shorts
Wow! I like the painted white brick fireplace. I have remorse about covering ours with slate tile, it looks nice, but I thought about painting it white. Congrats on your dream home!
LOL Erin! My wife had that happen at the restaurant. The waitress asked, "What are you having?" My wife,totally appalled says, "We're not sure yet, until the next ultrasound." I tell my wife, "um baby brain! I think she is asking what do want to eat." Needless to say, my wife made me tip her extra for her embarrassment.
It's amazing how kids argue with their parents these days. The Moms would have pa-powed my butt if I called her by her first name. The arguing seems like it is coming from dad or grandpa. He's just emulating either one. It's cute, but this needs to be nipped in the bud. Next it will be staying up late, eating candy or some other nonsense just because he can get away with arguing.
watched 3 times and laughed 3 times. great timing with the camera. The mom's laughing makes me laugh even more.
Our house too. Livy is the eldest and poor little Zoë has become her minion. Hopefully their sister bond will strengthen while their cattiness diminishes. Here's to hoping, fingers crossed!
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2014 on Woes of the Second Sibling at Mommy Shorts
These are funny, but I admit- the kazoo one did scare me a bit.
Happy 1st Birthday Harlow!
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2013 on A Year of Harlow at Mommy Shorts
My final four picks are Caroline, Amelia, Eva and Emma. This should be fun!
Great interview! Kudos to Mazzy for the green room tea party!
I follow my wife's pinterest to see what she likes. I should pin stuff I like instead of all the humorous stuff on the net.
Dual Milestones here. Olivia 26 months- Moved into her twin size bed- Slept in it 3 nights in a row!!! And Little 2 month Zoë just got her first set of inoculations. Followed on Pinterest too! :)
Awesome! Can't wait until Mazzy gets her knife. Japanese steel like a Shun? Or Japanese ceramic like a Kyocera? Or a German steel like a Wustof? Hmmm that should be great episode- Shopping for cutlery with Mazzy.
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Oct 17, 2013