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Mehli Mulondo
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Hello, please help I'm making my roman blinds tomorrow. I have my fabric and everything but my head is starting to hurt regarding where to put my rings. My inside window measurement is 135 cm long by 117.75 cm wide. I want to reduce ring spacing like you have done to create a nice pleated effect....but I don't know the measurements to separate them by? ...Because I dont know How long i should make the headrail bit ( the bit of fabric above the folds, and what measurement in lenght I should leave from the bottom of the blind to the first ring/ fold. Also one last thing if I could comes you don't use rods? Are they not necessary? I love the idea of not having them, but why do all other instructions on the net include these rods? I would really love for you to reply so that I can use your tutorial, being that I prefer your steps to other people, however without the calculations of where to place my rings/ folds I don't know I can follow it! Thank you in advance, Regards Mehlika from the UK
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Oct 18, 2013