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Stephanie Hare
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What is your favorite car game? Not sure what the name is, but basically you have to find all the letters of the alphabet, in order, on something outside the car (license place, street signs, billboards, etc). You can't reuse what someone else already used (so if 2 people are on on X and its on a license plate in front of us, they can't both use it). First one to finish the alphabet wins.
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We didn't find out the sex and didn't want to call it and "it" and so we came up with HOP. Initially b/c the department we worked in the smallest item we designed had HOP as the acronym, but then we realized how fitting it was since our last name is Hare.
My son is pretty much excited any time we leave the house. But I think he's had the most fun when we went to Hershey park (after he got used to the rides).
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2014 on Riding in Cars, Kissing Farm Animals at Mommy Shorts
Such cool stuff! I would pick: Toddler Bath Wrap - Cubby Bunnie Picnic Pal Blankie Bat - Backpack
We were driving from PA to FL and my son was about 9 months old. We tried to do most of our driving at night, but once morning hit and he woke up, we had to stop practically every hour and give him time out of the car. Once he decided he'd had enough of the seat he would scream until we'd have to pull over for everyone's sanity.
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Which Mini Boden item would be the first thing you put in your shopping cart? This towelling poncho:
That is very cool! a) Chambersburg, PA b) 2 children, 9yr old and 17mo old c) Their father and I both work, our employer allows us to work modified shifts so that our toddler only needs part time day care and our 9yr old doesn't need any before & after care. Dad leaves the house around 4:30am. I get the 9yr old up (and that usually means the toddler, too, but some days he'll sleep in) at 7:45. I get a shower and the 9yr old occupies the toddler while she also gets ready. After the shower I take over and get the toddler ready while 9yr gets breakfast. She leaves for school by 8:50 and toddler and I head to daycare by 9:20.
Vagina - Vagina Penis - Penis Passing Gas - Tooting Peeing - Peeing Bowel Movements - Pooping
16 month old... Because I tried to hand him his sippy cup that he wanted. Because I let the dogs in to the room to eat the cereal he had thrown on the floor. Because I want to change his poopy diaper and get him dressed.
We can't stop people from asking overly personal questions, but we can help you deal with almost everything else. We can't make your shoes fit, but we can help you deal with almost everything else. We can't stop baby shower games from happening, but we can help you deal with almost everything else.
My pick to win: Lilah
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I want a new house. More than anything at all. When the baby is too old to stay in our room anymore we are going to have a serious problem (no where else to put him) but we keep finding issues that have to be fixed before we can even think about trying to sell.
Team Sydney
Oh so many to choose from... I'd say the Halloween candy that makes me want to smash a pumpkin is the flavored tootsie rolls.
I say Caroline wins and she should be Carrie for Halloween
My kids is a little a-hole because... he'll whine and carry on for one of those puffy snacks and then when I put it in his mouth he immediately pushes it out with his tongue. I'll change his diaper and then 20 minutes later when I pick him up to walk out the door he'll decide to take a massive poop. he'll make that pppbbbbttthhhh noise for 30+ minutes at a time and get himself and everything around him soaked, but I never try to stop him b/c he looks so happy and adorable. If we try to watch TV, he'll "talk" at the top of his lungs, non-stop.
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Oct 23, 2013