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Sam Sheppard
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I do agree with this article in the notion that an increase in inflation would be a possible positive conclusion for our economy. The main point brought across is that at 2% inflation, there can only be a minimal real interest rate decrease, where as if the government were to increase inflation, it would allow more real interest rate leeway and in turn "to provide a more robust boost to investment and spending" which has been the key problem in our current economy, the paradox of thrift.
I do agree with the previous comments that the drop in unemployment rate could most likely be from people leaving the workforce in general. What struck me most is that this article contains mostly positive statistics but then reenforcing with negative counterexamples. I do believe that although slow, the lower unemployment rate is a positive quality, showing that people could either be going back to gain an education or have been hired from the new jobs recently available.
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Oct 23, 2013