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Update on my intent to make clearer the connection between the first and second chapters, and by extension, the two characters and story lines: Pondering how to insert a few words or sentences into the second chapter for a sharper connection, I realized I had the same theme in mind throughout the book, but had veiled it as much from the reader as it is for the character (smiles) if that makes sense. So after my current read-edit pass, I'm going back to the beginning and lay in that theme more opening and strongly, let it be an open question in the character's mind. Again, without the feedback from Ray, would've been a tough one to fathom by myself. So much much thanks! :-)
"There’s no clear connection between the grim first chapter and this pleasant little scene, and we have no idea if the protagonist in chapter 2 has anything to do with Stilo’s murderousness." - Absolutely what I needed to hear. Was afraid, directly putting the question of how the OD's and mantra fit together was too blatant a telling, but see from Ray's critique and the voting more is needed. Will be working on a sentence or two that hopefully does just that the next few days and post if I come up with something I hope is worthwhile. Thanks so much :-)
Just chiming in. Am very much appreciating the constructive words. I find them surprisingly encouraging, as I'm finding lots of ideas about places to clarify or adjust. So please continue with ya'll's opinions, suggestions, reactions, etc. Very helpful!
Joe, very nice article; found it via The Digital Reader's Morning Coffee links - Esp liked your first point, "Amazon just legitimized the model" - Scribd and Oyster, I believe, set the stage for Amazon to have to act, though I think they would have eventually anyway. My own pref is Scribd, though I like Oyster also (have had subscriptions to both). And I'll sign up for my free month, and probably 1-3 months with KU because I like to compare. But other than Joe Konrath, not much more to read on that plan (for me). Gotta catch up my titles on Scribd and that'd I'd purchased first :-) But most people don't count in the hundreds of thousands of indie titles (many reportedly on best seller lists) that are available on Scribd and Oyster, and not on Kindle Unlimited. Not to mention, as you say, the Big Pub titles not on KU. Amazon's problem, with lack of titles to appeal for a subscription service is, I believe, due to one thing - its exclusivity on indies. Not necessary anymore. I say make exclusive deals with name individuals that'll draw attention - but the hundreds of thousands of titles available everywhere else but not on Kindle Unlimited? Naw :-) But I "try" not to be a bridge burner, and placed one new short story on KU. I have titles on all 3 subscription platforms, and to libraries, though they don't seem to have shown up yet; still waiting on OverDrive to catch up their uploading. Last note, re startup Scribd and Oyster being on borrowed time. Sorta agree. But don't forget, even as they are now, they're terrific take-over ready collections for folk like Apple and Google. Though I'd rather they stay independent. Anyway, thanks Joe!
" Look at what Oyster and Scribd are doing in the ebook marketplace. These two startups are bringing the music subscription model into book publishing Consumers (like me) love it because they’re spending far less and able to read so much more for one low monthly price." - Totally agree, except for the music comparison part. So far, I've found my use of both Scribd and Oyster to be much more Netflix like. Sampling, of various books, to any amount I want, to see if I want to continue reading them, is really great too. And as a writer and reader on the subscription services (and my local library) I can also say the royalties are good and worthwhile. :-)
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Oct 27, 2013