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Snails are famous jousters. They are hermaphroditic and they fight with their penises. The loser is impregnated by the winner. Since this involves fetilized eggs being implanted in the flesh of the loser, it pays to have the bigger penis and to win the joust. This occurred to me because of another bit of animal sex lore: the rabbit is a symbol of the passive male homosexual since ancient times. One of the drawings shows a rabbit and a snail jousting, piggy back. Very suggestive. These little drawings are most likely NSFW jokes between gay monks or else parodies and satires on the knights and other authority figures. The suggestion is that the knights are not doing all of their jousting with lances. See the book "Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality" for more details on the rabbit myth and possibly something on hyenas, snails, weasels, etc.
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Nov 2, 2013