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Noble Furr
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There is always a political motive to anything Obama does, and this is no different. The monster in the White House seeks to enslave physicians, medical support people, hospitals, and probably undertakers in order to capture both their money and their votes. Doctors are major contributors to the Republican Party. So, by forcing them BY LAW to provide expensive services for less money, Obama robs the GOP of much of its campaign money. But, it's worse. If ObamaScare is constantly filing complaints against your medical practice, at what point are you going "pretend" to be a Democrat to get ObamaCops off your back? Obama has created an imperial Presidency that will ignore The Constitution, and rule by Presidential dictate. It's time to put a stop to this!!!!!!!
By the way, it's "DIGGING A HOLE"....not "burying a hole". Just wanted to mention that.
Is anyone really surprised that America's first real Socialist President (and his Socialist Democrat Party) wanted to get his foot in the door with ObamaScare, and then start telling physicians who they must treat or cannot treat!?! Doctors, in America, are also entrepreneurs who invest millions in a very long and tedious education, internship, residency, and often more years in qualifying as a specialist. But, Obama and Democrats want to take hostage the career of that doctor and a practice barely showing a profit -- as a result of the government -- and turn it into a state-run operation like the Post Office. Had enough yet, or are you looking for more abuse and deteriorating health care before you wake up???????????
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Nov 3, 2013