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Thom is trying to save America. Trump will resign before the year is out. Better to get Trump out now. Tillis is smart.
A Sheriff should have the right to choose........ not to enforce those laws not to his liking. Hopefully the citizens will be allowed to choose those laws they follow as well. That would work out wouldn't it?
You can always find someone opposed to ice cream, hot doughnuts and fried applejacks.
I doubt it. The Tea Party faithful would rather support someone with zero chance of being elected.
Let us be realistic. The Republicans cannot run a university. Period. Republicans were never scholars but the good ol' boys playing tricks and just getting by. Republicans made the best frat brothers because the never took educashion seriously. Let's give the college back to the Democrats. They are more comfortable with book learning.
Lean to accept defeat and leave the field of battle. The gays have won. Obamacare has won. Leave it alone. You are only upsetting yourself. And yes, the flag is coming down. Clint Eastwood say that "A man has got to know his limitations." We have lost these issues and now must move on. Quit crying over spilled milk. Pragmatism is the new word of the day.
Give it a rest. The gays won. Best to go along with it.
I do not believe we can ever attain Pres Obama's dream of full redistribution of wealth until we totally eliminate the ownership of private & personal property. When the Federal Government owns all property then we can be supplied according to need by a loving and caring government. I will write more later as now I am leaving to go to my son's ballgame on Mars.
After the gays beat the Church the Republicans were kids play. Nothing will stop the gays now. It is trendy to be gay and their numbers will swell now that the floodgates are open. Best thing for the Republicans to do is let it happen and not mention gays. The gays won. The Church and the Republicans lost. Accept the peace. End of story.
The state is going from purple to blue. The once conservative Republicans are now moderate Republicans and moving more and more left each day. Let us face facts, North Carolina is no longer the NC of old. Once non-partisan redistricting takes hold the Republicans will fade away.
It is true that Tillis probably is a card-carrying Rino. And it is probably true that Hagan is an apostate of Obamanism. As a loyal Republican I will go with Tillis even though he is not my ideal. Then again I cannot remember the last time I voted for a candidate who was ideal. Maybe if I ran I would think that I was the ideal candidate. But I lie to myself so often especially about the benefits of hot doughnuts. Funny how so many want to throw the baby out with the bath water and reelect Kay Hagan. Was Tillis' sin beating Brannon or is their a greater sin? "Sin is sin" as my wife says.
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Nov 3, 2013