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I can't believe I'm going to say this: I'm going to make these! LOL What totally terrific little delights! The possibilities from here are endless! Thanks so much for sharing your idea and process - and link! LOL I hope when I'm through here I can find a follow/subscription link to your blog!
The way you've created Angela Davis hair with collage papers is so inventive - love it! Not only does it add depth and texture, but it brings color and joy and exuberance to this woman whose face is filled with expression. I discovered you through the Stencil Girl blog hop - I'm going to have to do some browsing around while I'm here ... thanks for sharing!
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Well, you have discovered Katia at Lunar Sun Creations - I *think* I've used all of her tutorials, except one. I love her creativity and taking the "interactive" adjective seriously! For just plain good old fashioned pretty and romantic, I believe Shellie Geigle at J&S Hobbies and Crafts (Shellie Hart Geigle on Youtube) does wonderful designs with a wide range of experience levels. Some are aimed towards beginners (though they look quite polished), and some are filled with die-cutting and fold-outs and lots of interactive elements for the more experienced paper crafter. Then, for sturdy, heirloom quality work, with a no-nonsense approach to decorating, but an original eye for design and a never-ending litany of new and interesting project - filled with clever approaches to adding pages and interest, Kathy Orta King of Paper Phenomenon is one of the artisans who has been around the scene for awhile and constantly updates her own outlook. I find these three women, along with Lea Muskotevc of Memories by Lea; Catherine Chapdelaine from So Much Scrap!; Terry of Terry's Scrapbooks; several of the designers at Country Craft Creations, especially Tamra Kilgore-Merrill; and the astounding designs for the stout-hearted of Anne of Anne's Paper Creations (xannero1 on youtube). Although I do design my own albums, I've learned from and been inspired by all these women, who I think are among the 'best out there!' offering their talents and experience to others.
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This is just charming! I love the use of the acrylic adds a delightful sense of memory to it. Thanks for sharing your work!
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2017 on A Little Love with Petaloo at Petaloo
pinned on Pinterest - one of my favorite Petaloo projects!
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following on Pinterest
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I posted on my Facebook page ...
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Wow - what a generous prize - I'm keeping everything crossed that will do so! Thanks the for the opportunity!
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Jan 18, 2016
These are simply charming. I'm going to make one a week through 2016, and by Christmas next year, I'll have enough to do an entire mini-tree of clothespin faeries. Thanks so much for the 'tutorial' that accompanies the delightful photos. Merry Christmas!
This is a really charming card - and I like the unexpected color pallet used as Christmas really works!
Shared project on Pinterest:
These are charming - I just did a Pocket Letter Pal using the Graphic 45 "A Christmas Carol" and lots of Petaloo flowers. They look terrific together!
Terrific pieces - like them both alot. The burlap on the second one really makes everything pop!
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2015 on A Fall Star with Authentique at Petaloo
what a fun card!
Wonderful design and execution - so clever and really pretty!
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2015 on Petaloo Flower Cart with Authentique at Petaloo
Just terrific - there is so much going on - I love pages that require you spend a some time and look at all the details! The papers and flowers are really great together!
very nice layout - I like that the papers you used resemble knitting - and the flowers look like they were made for this paper line! Nice work - thanks for sharing!
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2015 on Sweater Weather Layout at Petaloo
I'm already a follower on Instagram - and I posted my favorite of all the lovely pieces created for this hop on Pinterest. It is here:
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I posted your blog post on my Facebook page ... here:
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2015 on Authentique & Petaloo ~ FALL Blog Hop at Petaloo
What a gobsmackingly fabulous prize package! It's a color pallet that I have never really used (I tend to do more jewel tones or pastels), and I would love to do an album with these pieces! ... of course, that's AFTER I spend time fondling the flowers - Petaloo is always my favorite!
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2015 on Authentique & Petaloo ~ FALL Blog Hop at Petaloo
Absolutely delightful - both in concept and execution. I think I have to make a version of this - love the idea - thanks for sharing it!
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2015 on Story Go Round ~ Tammy at Petaloo
This is too clever - and actually quite pretty! I love it - I plan on going to the toy shop and finding a toy glider to use as a pattern to totally steal your idea. LOL Thanks for the inspiration
Toggle Commented May 30, 2015 on Flying High With Dad at Petaloo
Charming - this is one of the best versions of this card I've seen! Lovely work! This card cut has become ubiquitous, it's impossible to find a tutorial/directions for cutting one - we're just supposed to "known" how to cut on out LOL. I really like it - and would love a short little lesson making the base card - or at least the name of the card to research! That's always the problem when things get TOO popular - suddenly, we're all just supposed to automatically know how to make them. LOL - okay - rant over - off my soapbox. And again - a lovely and special card indeed ... truly one of those cards that become a gift on their own!
Toggle Commented May 10, 2015 on Happy Mother's Day Card at Petaloo