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For what it’s worth, 501(c)(3) public charity organizations must report the names of donors that donate $5,000 or more during the year—but only if those donations are made in denominations of $1,000 or more. So ten payments of $500/year would not be reportable. The information is reportable to the IRS only and not the public. So in my view, if the IRS were to rule that donations to 501(c)(4) entities should be disclosed, I believe it should follow the same reporting requirements for 501(c)(3). With regard to the case that Ben cited—that case Erie Endowment v. United States the key aspects of that case that the IRS found the endowment fund was violating the excessive accumulation of wealth/income provision…and that even though the organization was a “charitable” was not a “civic” organization (a requirement for 501(c)(4) status. (Most people looking at the endowments disbursements would probably agree that the disbursements were not civic.) RR readers might find this IRS publication useful reading: Beginning on page 2, examples of the “basis for exemption” is presented. Political education is one of those examples. Regardless of what the IRS regulations are, our society depends upon a uniform and just enforcement. Misuse of the IRS as a political weapon should result in swift and harsh consequences—IMHO.
Barry, I believe those videos are on tape at NCTV. I'm working with some of the NCTV tech members to preserve the capability of future replay and/or transfer to other media. The hard disk space on NCTV's current equipment is such that NCTV could not continue to store much (if any) of the 2009 content. NCTV is blessed with some very astute technical advisor-volunteers who have designs to eventually have all NCTV media (including historical media) available online.
NCTV appreciates your accommodating its. NCTV is the only tenant in that enormous building on the Grass Valley Group campus, so running the HVAC system is costing Grass Valley Group a lot more than our rent. We're aiming to have the new studio operational in January...but this won't have any impact on the airing of your sixth "Breaking Bread" you produced today.
I was pleased to read that Supervisor Weston regards the County's growing unfunded pension liabilities as one of his foremost concerns. It's also a problem that is affecting our fire departments, as NCCFD recently revealed.
@Walt 11:48am on 11/10 To answer your questions: I'm not bound by Alta Sierra's CC&R's, but I have been a voluntary member of ASPOA for over 10 years. It used to cost $25/year to be a member. Now it costs $45. With the membership comes certain benefits. For many years I had a child that attended Alta Sierra Elementary and I was a board member of the parents' club. In summary, yes, what happens in Alta Sierra does affect me and my property values. With regard to Alta Sierra, you've made some strong general points--which I am sympathetic to, but their applicability to the ASPOA situation is not so strong, and for those living within Alta Sierra, there MANY other considerations and perspectives one should evaluate. ...Which takes me back to the thrust of George's initial point---We all have a responsibility to take the time to get properly INFORMED before we vote.
Walt, in Alta Sierra, the ASPOA board set their annual election for December 2nd. There are five candidates for three vacancies. I think most voters received their ballots on November 9th. I live on the outskirts of Alta Sierra, subscribe to the Alta Sierran, and have friends and acquaintances on both sides of the fence there. My observations and insights on that contest greatly differs from your very summarized/simplified remarks. And given the premise of this particular topic of George's, I'm compelled to encourage all those participating in the December 2nd ASPOA election, to make an effort to seek information on the candidates from a variety of sources. I echo George's concluding remarks: "Casting an informed vote in a democracy is the most sacrosanct act of its citizens. However, an uninformed vote is the destructive bane of democracies, and doubly so." Unfortunately, the economics of the newspaper industry doesn't afford the thorough reporter coverage available twenty years ago. So reading "The Union" is only PART of becoming informed.
George, I have great admiration for Winston Churchill, so I'm not surprised he was voted the most influential person of the 20th century. But who participated or conducted the poll/election?
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Nov 9, 2013