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This really spoke to me today. Not that I'm delaying, but that I'm wondering how could the Lord use a wretch like me? I was recently voted in as an elder at ACAC, and I shake at the task before me. I'm encouraged by you all the time, but now I feel I can be ready for this ONLY if I let the Lord guide and take my every thought into captivity to Him. I can't try to "figure everything out," even though that's my tendency. Thanks Dr. John
I'm looking forward to this! Thanks for your continued faithfulness to what God has called you for.
Singing in worship Drawing Time spent with my wife
Excellent article! Too many believers place themselves in "safe bubbles" and float only around their accepted circle of "church people." Personally drives me crazy! Thanks for sharing Dr. John.
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I have a bumper sticker that I received probably about 30 years ago that reads "WHY BE NORMAL?" I'm not a bumper stocker type of guy, but I have it prominently displayed where I work! The words have never been truer! Thanks for posting.
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Nov 11, 2013