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ft lauderdale
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Judge Posner, I believe that you are overlooking some of the obvious. I will speak to two of them. (1) The concept of "SPAN OF CONTROL" i.e. how many people a supervisor can oversee. Tom Peters describes a greater span of control taking place in the workplace. A manager supervising more (equivalent) workers would tend to be better compensated than one supervising fewer. Magnify that with the larger and larger corporations with a CEO having hundreds of thousands of employees. (2) What is the average family size of the lower quintile versus the upper quintile? Percolate the family size through the filter of parental education (valuation of education) and the result of points (1) and (2) result in a much greater number of lower educated workers. The answer would be to lower the dividend/cap gains rate for lower incomes to zero to further encourage them. But the drivers of dividend and cap gains availability are those in the higher income (top quintile) so the rates for the top 20% must be kept within a range to encourage that cohort to continue.
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Becker, You insightfully state that the time parents spend with their children is important then use as your guide a study/test that precludes accurate measure of such. Jim Valvano wisely stated "My Father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me." Measure that and do your study. I believe the correlates will be greater.
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Nov 11, 2013