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Thank you for your response. I fully admit that my response was loaded with months (and more) of frustrations about this very issue, and it is not fair for you to take the full brunt of my frustration about it. I only, after all, found out about this because some people linked this on Stella Natura's FB page, and used it essentially as ammunition to provoke a debate with Adam, literally calling him out for not replying and demanding a response. I feel in this day and age that if your political beliefs are not cut and dry and neatly fit into a box, you are either on the "good" side or the "bad" side. Unfortunately, life is never that simple, including thoughts on racism, as years of growing up in the south and living, as I got older, near ghettos taught me. People themselves are not bad or good, and the behavior of individuals involving this who seem to have this simplistic dualistic perspective on life is essentially threatening to ones behavior, for it is a system built on outcasting individuals and having an authoritative stance over others, which is essentially what the Nazi's were. What a contradiction! Of course, my perspective comes largely from being on the inside of this, writing for a site that is often accused of the same things, being German, and having friends that are a part of Stella and have played it, so I am very defensive, which I think is understandable. I guess I just wish people would try to understand people more, instead of simply judging them, which makes me sound like a damn hippie but I honestly believe that. This even comes down to people who come off as racist, many who if coerced to actually analyze themselves would realize they are not as hateful or angry as they think they are, or are just confused due to things like being attacked for being white as children or other experiences. It's these double standards I find the most infuriating, and I wish people would start thinking a bit more before simply reacting and attacking everyone, perhaps advice I can take for myself as well. Anyway, maybe this will start something, maybe not, who knows. Part of me doubts anything will change though, people are too encouraged by power trips. Excellent and honest review by the way of Stella, although quite long! Perhaps if any other such festivals happen in the near future we shall run into each other.
I signed back into Facebook just to leave a comment, as I am sick of these conversations and the hostility behind them which only pushes the supposed opposition, in this case Adam and Stella, into a corner. The comments made throughout the internet about this one myopic thing, and the childish behavior by Aesop, has caused more harm than I even want to imagine to Adam, who is nothing more than an associate, yet still not a man I wish to see going through all this nonsense these last few months. To reiterate, your words as well as the words of Aesop and everyone else have been hostile, accusatory, and childish. Adam never said and never did anything to prove otherwise that this event was apolitical. As I recall, he stated giving permission for this BOOK VENDOR to sell books at a festival largely attended by individuals interested in material related to heathen and pagan beliefs, which if you had any awareness at all you would know comprises many books outside of the Nazi/Fascist nonsense that he also has. If the conversation went something along the lines of "Adam, may I bring my Nazi books to this event?" Adam-"Yes", this would be a completely different discussion. Do you understand that massive difference? One is a book seller, who happens to be a Nazi supporter (or something of the sort, not familiar with nor wish to be familiar with this fellow). Unless Adam purposely said bring the Nazi material, the fault is not his, any more than it is his to allow anyone by any means who was racist to be part of the event or attend it. Yes, all kinds of people went to this, Adam is not responsible for the beliefs of others. The only thing that can possibly be put on Adam is not immediately shutting him down, but maybe, just maybe, some of you, instead of sitting here cowardly behind a screen, could have shut him down yourself, considering the fact that Adam was busy enough running the event and dealing with a recent family tragedy. Stella, Adam, myself, and all of us associated with groups such as Heathen Harvest, which I write for, do not owe you or anyone an apology. This was a tiny thing, certainly could have been handled better on Stella's side, and been turned into this huge fiasco on the other side. Some of Aesop's comments are bewildering. and even today I read comments that are FORCING a response from Adam, as if him not begging for forgiveness in tears is a sign of guilt. Back off of Adam, all related individuals, and the Neo-Folk scene as a whole, it is getting childish and if you are even remotely aware of the actions perpetuated by ANTIFA over the years, scarily similar to the intimidation used by Nazis, and when people are getting beaten up for wearing a Thorr's Hammer, that is no metaphor nor drastic statement, it is reality. Some people think shitty things, but you know what, who are you to judge if you, and I'm going to post this in more than one place because I am sick of the dialog, retain many of the same tactics? One of the reasons racism is so rampant, and shall remain to be, is because people will continue to pass judgements and throw around accusations, instead of trying to find some dialog. The whole conversation from the writer of this piece, to Aesop, and onward, will make sure this continues, and will make sure anyone who is "guilty" in any way is put in their rightful place; shoved under the ground with a giant fascist boot shoved repeatedly into their cranium until all the guilt, shame, and confusion bleeds out. Patrick Bertlein
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Nov 15, 2013