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Heather Patterson Blair
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We are so excited to be participating in the Fit Family Challenge again this year. Since last year we have maintained a lot of the healthy changes. This summer we PCS'd (military permanent change of station) to a new base and lost my father to cancer. During all of that we got a little off track. Fortunately we started at our new BGCA program in our youth center the very week of the nomination call and it was just what we needed to help us get plugged in. We get to share our adventure and make new friends at the same time coming back together as a family. This time around the kids are more aware of the changes and are helping out a lot more. One of our new favorite family activities is to menu plan, make a list and grocery shop as a family. This way we all decide what to eat. Discuss how the foods fit in the Healthy Plate and the kids are now reading the nutrition labels to make decision when we are at the store. Because of this, I no longer have to be the bad guy that says NO to all the sweets and fats. They know what is okay and have planned for it. They are also looking at how much food cost and I have noticed a little less waste. Paige (11) has added picking a new fresh fruit each week and Braxton (9) has fallen in love with almonds. He even asked to keep a 1/4 measuring cup with them to put a serving size in his lunch each day. This week Scott and I are going to make up some protein packs with almonds, ham or turkey and cheese for our "on the go" snack and we have added some squats with kettle bells to our exercise routine with the family. Instead of trick or treating and fighting the battle of the sweets this Friday we have decided to watch a movie as a family. For me, the best part of the Fit Family Challenge is finally having everyone try more healthy options and getting to enjoy our family time together. I can't tell you how much I love the opportunity to set goals for a better, healthier and memorable family adventure. I also love getting to share with people we meet here in New Jersey. It is a great ice breaker! Good Luck to everyone who is joining in on the fun! It is life changing!
Heather Patterson Blair is now following Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Oct 26, 2014
Heather Patterson Blair is now following Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Oct 26, 2014
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Nov 19, 2013