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David Masterson
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Well, obviously, OPML never caught on and became an important format. I can really only find two usages of OPML currently -- the OPML Editor (by Dave Winer) and Carbonfin's Outliner. Last time I looked at the OPML editor, it was somewhat difficult to setup and use (kind of expected for a GPL product). Carbonfin's Outliner only works on iPhone/iPad and may be using its own form of OPML internally. What I've been looking for from Carbonfin is for it's Outliner to implement import/export from Emacs Outline form since Emacs is implemented on most everything else and, even if it isn't, it's Outline form is much simpler and more useful than OPML.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2013 on Why OPML is winning at EirePreneur
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Nov 20, 2013