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Arthur Nye
A noble knight of Ni so hastily flashing by in shining armour!
Interests: Chivalry.
Recent Activity
Oh, needy knights of Ni, Bon chance to you, fair knights of Ni, bright keepers of the sacred word of Ni itself. Good hunting to you while riding by, needful knights of Ni, if but deserving of less sufferance than is due than this quest reserves for you, noble Knights of Ni. Yet with it being neither less nor more of what you are, with nothing you go for it, brave knights of Ni; nor by doing so, lack it, or not fulfil in full your needful destiny to do with it. Ah, noble ones of the order of the knights of Ni, rejoice, as it can be done, oh noble knights of Ni. But hark, yet none know the dread heartaches of being noble knights of Ni none better than the noble knights of Ni themselves; nor none better know now, or nor later on neither, that those heartaches will lead them to it itself also; so rejoice that needful things near at hand also will come flowing from the knights of Ni themselves, in their knightly quest for eternal over-exuberance. Noble knights, this is your needful quest fulfilled, oh noble knights of Ni, to become much more than legend or old song in the hearts of men of old; perhaps men not from the noble order of Ni themselves, but equally insistent in their quest for enlightened intercourse. Oh, noble knights of Ni, on questing on your knightly errantry based on being from Ni itself, continue being so, in being those noble knights from Ni itself, sublime country in all its purity; yet it was nobly done, noble knights of Ni, so hastily flashing by in shining armour, even to attempt such a noble quest for it itself, one so nobly based on the sacred word it itself represents. Yes, nobly done, knights of Ni, nobly done.
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Nov 20, 2013