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What drive is it? Apple's time capsule?
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2013 on You've All Been There at Suzanne Carillo Style Files
Did it have the desired effect? Is it solved now or still struggling?
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2013 on You've All Been There at Suzanne Carillo Style Files
Yeah, I've been there; (too) many times:-(. Makes you wanna scream and cry from frustration, despair and anger. At least…I wanna, at moments like that. Hope all ends well and so on! And you look better then the guy;-)
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2013 on You've All Been There at Suzanne Carillo Style Files
Was sure I already commented on this post, but see it nowhere. Oh well, once again: love the outfit and amazing how you still have a waist after all that layering. I would look like a Michelin woman;-). Love the boots too. Want!
That's a great buy, that coat. It looks fab on you. Tell me, is it just me or are you getting prettier with every post you publish?! You look really nice, Suzanne! Funny how in Singapore some fashionistas sometimes complain about the eternal summer here, as in: we can never wear winter clothes. I am not one of them, since I hate winter and am also not really a fan of winter clothes. I realize every year again, that I find dressing myself much easier and more fun in summer then in winter. Clothes are lightweight and have happy colors. You feel light yourself since you don't have to cover up so much. In winter the thick clothes make me look and feel fatter then I am. Colors are often dark and boring. And so on. I'll take summer clothes all year round, thank you very much!
Zoe looks ever so cute and sure is a professional top model! Ofcourse also thanks to your great pictures. You know that since I know about you and Zoe, I come across pugs everywhere all the time. This morning going through a magazine, there was this pug sketch in black and white and yesterday we went fashion shopping, but instead ended up cuddling with pugs in one of the shops. They sold the funniest pug clothes as well, btw!
How cool, to have a fashion sketch of yourself! It's amazing! If she would 'do' me, I would hope she slims my belly and gives me a waist;-)…hahaha...
Very nice look, Suzanne. Maybe you could add a sparkly headband with sequins? And/or a sparkly clutch? And of course sparkly make up!
I love, love, love that red cape and the way you wear it. The baret, the black, the leather jacket…wow! I also love what you are wearing underneath. And that belt is just fab! Well done, dear, well done!
That dress looks pretty on you. Ok, not with those stockings and boots, but with other stockings and with heels it would be beautiful on you. Too bad you did not buy it, for another occasion e.g.
So how's ur Mac now? Hope it is all solved and improved soon! I know how annoying it is to be without a proper functioning computer. Your cape is fantastic with it's two sides! Very versatile. I think I had a slight preference for the red side.
Wow, can I work in your office?! Those pug pics and pug cushion are great! Love your collar. I have some in holland as well. The brooches work well with the collar. I get to travel and see places. You on the other hand have the stability of living in one place and being able to concentrate on perfecting, completing and beautifying your home bit by bit! Cool too!
Those boots are great! Want!! And you look gorgeous. You must indeed be very petite, to be able to still have a waist and all with all that layering. I would look like a Michelin-lady..hahaha!
Tried five times, and NOW it works, the commenting;-). Ok, what I said earlier was this: you look fab in this outfit; with hat and without! Love it. DO drag hubbie back into tango, please, but in a shorter dress. Tangodresses are preferably at most just below the knee. Not longer. Not only for esthetical reasons (show of those legs, girl!), but also for practical reasons, like your boleo's, gancho's and the sorts;-).
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2013 on Expensive Tastes at Suzanne Carillo Style Files
Test, test, test...
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2013 on Expensive Tastes at Suzanne Carillo Style Files
I only do BAG; BOHO, artsy, glam;-)
Poor little cursed gal! Hahaha…NOT…. Want, want, want, this whole outfit!!! That vest is superb. I have similar vests and I luv them. Like you, I go to a shop and when I see something, I know immediately that that will go well with certain items in my closets. When I come home, very specific colors as by coincidence match perfectly to items that I already had that have something of that same unusual color in it. It's like an inner color- and style compass, I guess. My lack of money comes to the rescue, as I therefor simply sort of 'convicted' myself to buy at H&M or at thrift shops, which is cheap. If I would have a lot of money, I would make other choices. I love Anthropology (but own nothing of them), Family Ibiza (bags, again: own nothing of them), Sendra boots (same story), and other brands, so I would buy stuff from them. But it's fine this way too;-).
Love this post! The outfit is cool. (want those boots!) But the angle you chose (Sherlock) and how you wrote is is both hilarious and very well done. Really! Kudoos for you. You can write, you have an original, creative mind and your topics are eclectic and interesting.
What a marvelous look! Pretty extravagant and unusual. It looks great on you. That bag is totally wow! Loving the whole ensemble. Btw: wanted to leave a comment on BBARG (LOL), but seem to be unable to comment there. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I love that look on you. I can totally see why you had to have that shirt. I would probably have not bought it because of the boob butterflies, but with pain in my heart.
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2013 on SAD & Pink For Winter at Suzanne Carillo Style Files
Interesting to read about your motives and your reading process. As you know I am going to write a similar post one of these days (and you are gonna be in it;-))…. I had a different 'route' then you, but there are similarities too. You 'll see.
What an inventive solution! And it worked out great! Love the whole outfit, also the self-made necklace. Lovely and cool! And you yourself, you seem to get prettier (and slimmer?) all the time! Keep using that red lipstick; it looks fab on you!
What a story, Suzanne! I would have felt the same way as you and been as angry. I would have stood up for a while, but not sure that I would not have gotten too scared and intimidated and would have left. You were very brave! This is crazy! Maffia-like. I don't think we have that kind of sales and situations in the Netherlands. But maybe I just don't know about it. What a find at an earlier sale, that cupboard. Amazing! And how cool that you found a new friend. Looking fw to seeing your latest finds at the two sales.
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Nov 22, 2013