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Stephen Kelner
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Of course it was a perfect wedding. It was ours. And it worked, didn't it?
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2014 on Twenty-Six Years Worth of Laughs at My Weblog
Thanks for the positive feedback, and happy to help! Donna, I have found (and so has Toni), that if I read the wrong writer, my writing voice starts mimicking that author - which can be very awkward when I'm reading SF and writing 10th century Iceland! So in your own field is doubly difficult. Not to mention that you now feel compelled to avoid any plot point that might resemble that other person's. Hank, we really bothered Maggie, our oldest, by ripping into a movie we had all seen, perhaps especially when we said we liked it -- but criticism is part of the fun for us! And isn't it amazing that we take reading for granted? (Oh, and Catriona - that's how Toni and I got together.)
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Nov 27, 2013