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Angry that Thorium Batteries/Nuclear Power stations have been hidden from us.
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Further to my above post, I left out, I AM Very glad that THIS website DOES try and further the exposure of Thorium, we just need to MAKE the rest of the world fight for Tesla, Moray, Rife, Meyer technologies to be given to mankind as they were intended...
Hi All, what really makes me so angry is that even sites about Elec Vehicles etc never mention the suppressed tech of Thorium Batteries/Nuclear material even though Norway and many others insist ONLY Thorium must be used, in my country UK they are signing contracts with foreign power companies to build New and VERY Dangerous uranium powered stations...WHY??? When other forward thinking countries know that Thorium is better, and even NASA admit they have batteries that last for many YEARS in the freezing conditions of space, yet even 30+ Yrs later they still won't ALLOW us to use it.....Typical!
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Nov 30, 2013