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Henry, THat’s really interesting. OL, is Nantucket still disgustingly blue?
Oh you are talking about Lurch’s records, not Tim’s! Boy am I a moron!
Why won’t they release his records? Unbelievable!
Hope it worked out bubarooni!
I can’t either Clarice. And I’m absolutely bayshit about all those people being held in solitary since Jan 6th. And no one says a word! Stretch and have fun!
Clarice, Great Chauvin article. Of course my faith in the judicial system to do the right thing Is gone. No Pieces today?
SBW, That’s good news! China created and released COVID on purpose!
Indeed Stephanie. Now we need a cure for depression!
You got it fdcol63. I’m all in! Btw is that a pix of you?
Funny that Garland doesn’t know that Davod. Didn’t Obama nominate him for the SC? Glad you liked it MM. it made my day! I love this1
Marlene, When are you coming back (any news)? We miss you.
I’ve been in phone hell all day! I think/hope I figured it out!
Can you send me one? So I can try and figure it out
Stephanie, Are you around? I just sent you 2 text messages that didn’t get delivered. Is it me or you?
Excellent SBW! As always! Video of the first people entering the capital on 1-6. BLM or Antifa, not Trump supporters. Gee, I’m shocked - not.
Narc, Loved that Julie Kelly article. She’s one of my favorites.
Who has a name like “yoganada”?
Sounds good Stephanie!
No sweat Davod. I don’t think I carried treats when she was alive either.
Davod, Kiwi died so I don’t carry any. Baltimore has a higher murder rate than Guatemala an Honduras. Tell the camel.