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Sad thing is anymore standards will be the end of the light duty diesel as they sit it becomes a issue of what technology is left. The current regulations are extremely strict and require very expensive parts plus the cost of the truck including the poor fuel economy. I personally know 12-15 people who would love to get 18mpg on the highway again with the current trucks they have like the predecessor 06-07 lbz Duramax.
To put this out in the open diesel engines sacrifice a fair amount of reliability and economy in city conditions. I the most wear and tear on the engine come from starting it stop and go driving is horrid on oil and transmissions especially the torque converter, first-third gear and cooling capability. People also have to remember the three F's fuel, fluids and filters auto parts stores are not correct unless they have corresponding patent numbers from the factory replacement. With restrictions from the EPA trucks are time to only idle for eight minutes before shutting down which is improper for adequate warming of the block and fluids a block heater is only to assist with starting. The current systems for emissions are overkill in my opinion with current technology and fuel quality capabilities the scr and dpf are too much too soon. The current design for the systems are meant for 10ppm sulfur content diesel the oil companies can reach 15ppm with +/- 8ppm accuracy with current technology. I am a avid outdoors man and in strong support of clean air and water the big problem I have is the feasibility of the technology used I personally do not support clean diesel. The cost to consumer is outrageous I ended up selling my last truck to buy a older one because of the constant downtime and issues from the emissions system it was my third 08+ dpf,egr and scr equipped headache. I ended up making money versus losing money like many do this current truck I purchased in March '13 sold it January '14 ended up with three turbos and two engines in 20,359 miles. this was a 62k crew cab short bed loaded 3:55 electronic lock gears I did not expect to get stellar millage but better than 10-12 highway empty city was pitiful and 6-8 loaded highway. I pray that Ram did there homework to achieve reliability and efficiency while not having the issues the people in the three quarter ton/one ton market have on a daily basis. People need to remember this is a half ton diesel not a HD version load ratings are very important to the safe travel. Tires are crucial 10 ply E load correct sizing for towing brakes better handles better under load lasts longer. Just because the person at the trailer store said it can tow it does not mean it can the trucks towing capacity is 9,200 subtract the vehicle(accessories, stuff inside the cab/bed) along with occupants. The next step is to add the trailers gross weight and its tongue weight lets say it has tongue weight percent of 10%-15% then add the tongue weight granted it has a class 5 hitch(1,000 vehicle tongue weight) to safely handle said tow. It would be a safe and very smart idea to ad a set of load assisting air bags to improve the ride and level the vehicle out to save the suspension. I know that my personal truck it has a GVWR of 11,500 and can tow 23,500 with my goose neck trailer(19,000LB) with it fully loaded it safely handles the load. I have trailer brakes, air bags, traction blocks and front four link set up. I am very anal about maintenance and safety it boils down to what is designed for and maintenance.
@ Richard C Burton As no disrespect a commonly referenced term in the diesel world, Horsepower is what sells engines torque is what wins races. The commonly used reference is referring to the power produced by the engine, to get horsepower you first have to establish a torque figure. Diesels are meant for work not play or anything else the current figures on the 6.7 PSD are 400/800 you have to factor the power loss through the automatic transmission in also. As torque is found low in the power band versus the high end commonly defined in horsepower figures. As for the older Fords which used HPOP (high pressure oil pump) and HUEI (hydraulically activated, electronically controlled, unit injector) which had substantially fuel bar pressure and between the 7.3 94-97 and 99-03 and 6.0 03.5-07 the variances are substantial. 94-97 used a AA all trucks and non-California AB- late 1996 California, all 1997 California, most 97-98 E-series, 1999 (early) F-series 99-03 AD all trucks and vans 03.5-07 Used HEUI style injectors that for every injection pulse by plunger and fuel barrel it could inject 5 times per injection pulse. The reason Fords are loud is the low pressure fuel system they used until the 6.4 which utilized a common rail injection system aka a Bosch cp3 which is a upgrade from a HPOP/HUEI system. For the 6.7 and all MY2011+ trucks use a Bosch cp4.2 the reason the new 6.7 PSD is so quite it utilizes a reversed head design and air to water intercooler. As for the smell it could be many things fuel quality or winter fuel which causes the truck to lose 2-4 MPG+, power, smoke more and have more "compression ignition knock" I hope I was helpful.
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Dec 8, 2013