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True enough, sir. While competition can be good it can be get to the point of being destructive. The feuds between the GRU and the KGB sometimes ended bloodily, usually with the GRU being the losing side. Fortunately, the US hasn't reached that point, but where we are at can bring about the same result intelligence wise. This brings up a question I have for you. During the late 70s and 1980s there was a "team B" I understand that put out an alternative view of the military capabilities of the Soviet Union. From my understanding this was a case of "hawks" verses "doves". There are people today who claim that the neocons dominated "team B" and grossly exaggerated the USSR. What I'm curious about were the claims about Soviet combat strength and capabilities overstated? My reason for asking this is years ago there was a congressman I knew as an acquaintance named Larry McDonald. [Had he not been killed I suspect he wouldn't have much use for the neocons.] I asked him whether is was true and he replied this was the case. Do you have any thoughts about this?
This is what I don't like about this poll: "Q: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Obama is handling the situation involving Russia and Ukraine?" In the detailed answer for all adults it states that 34% approve of Obama's handing of the situation, 17% strongly, 17% somewhat. For the breakdown of those who don't like his handling of the mess it shows 46%, 14% somewhat and 31% strongly. For registerd voters the difference is a one percent addition to the above figures. I find this question subject of all sorts of different interpretations. For example, I disapprove of Obama's handling because as an anti-imperialist nationalist I believe he is still meddling. If he wasn't he would tell Kerry to stop running his mouth. Kerry is making a fool out of himself and is an embarrassment. Taken at face value it would appear that I am in league with people like Krauthammer and others who are don't believe Obama is doing enough and want to try some sort of stupid military option. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the other hand I wouldn't be surprise if a number of people who do approve of Obama's handling are under the mistaken belief that he is trying to avoid getting involved. In short, this question is meaningless.
With all this talk about neo-nazis and fascists I found this story from Haaretz to be interesting: "The ex-Israeli soldier who led a Kiev fighting unit 'Delta' has headed 'the Blue Helmets of Maidan' of 40 men and women - including several IDF veterans - in violent clashes with government forces." It may not be anything, but on the other hand I haven't forgotten about Israeli involvement with the Georgians back in 2008. I think that Syria is the big reason behind all of this.
Krauthammer has since lowered his aim. Instead of sending in the 6th Fleet, he only wants to send two frigates, citing the Montreux treaty of 1936. What he believes this would accomplish I have no idea and neither does he. As many times as Krauthammer has been shown not to know what he is talking about it is amazing how they shamelessly keep using this clown as some sort of paladin.
I concur, sir. Troops should be buried under the colors they fought for. The only people who would object to this in France are the same sort of nuts we have here who get upset when the UDC and the SCV place battle flags on the graves of Confederate dead. Unfortunately, this has become more common place as the nation further descends into cultural Marxism. It turns out I answered my own question above on whether the French carried on the lineage of these old units to today. They do according to this: There's a slew of them, colonel, who we can remember as well who fought in other places to add to those of Yorktown. People who are curious to see what the uniforms looked like for these units can find them here:
I understand, colonel. What I meant was that after being federalized for WWII as in the case of the 8th ID some of these units weren't stood down at the end of the war and went on to remain active duty units for a number of years. In any case my main point was this is the practice was done with the US Army. In too many cases following a revolution or some other event the good gets thrown away with the bad. The Preobrazhensky Regiment is an example of this following the Bolshevik Revolution. Regarding the rest of your reply I wasn't aware that the 116th Inf descended from the Stonewall Bde nor was I aware of the history of the 182nd Inf being the oldest unit of the US Army. Thanks for adding to my knowledge. By the way, do you have an opinion on which flag should be flown over those brave men at Yorktown?
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Dec 9, 2013