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Brian Emerick
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This is one of those fantastic ruins that inspire the imagination, made especially vivid by the bleak landscape it's marooned in. As Jeff Joslin mentioned, it's surprising it has survived this long. For the record, we did include this in our 'Top 10 Most Endangered Buildings' when the Portland Historic Landmarks Commission addressed City Council a few years ago, so it has been on the minds of the Preservation Community and voiced in public as a concern for some time. Getting NW Natural to restore it for a user that doesn't exist on a superfund cleanup site seems highly unlikely. I do wish NW Natural would continue their previous policy however and let it remain, as it still has great value in its current state (as evidenced by all of the comments here) and seems to be causing no harm. Brian Emerick, Vice-Chair, Portland Historic Landmarks Commission
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Dec 10, 2013