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Steve Schindler
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I hope PG lives another 30 years and I think he is going to "go out with a bang" and that some of his best music is ahead! And that he writes "Photographer II", LOL!
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2015 on Philip Glass News February 2015 at Glass Notes
I haven't heard much about what PG is working on now. What are some of his current projects, such as future operas or other works?
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2014 on Mad Rush - LPR Jan.13th - Lisa Moore at Glass Notes
Bravo to the LA Phil! Wish other orchestras would get the memo.
Well worth ten bucks (or maybe a hundred)! Organic (always a fav of mine) sounds better than ever, Pruitt Igoe kicks butt, and the organ in Prophecies is finally so clear!
Purchased my tickets today!
An awesome performance considering these are all college students (actually you can watch another performance with a different Akhnaten- see right side of page). Bravo! I like this production better than the performance I saw in Chicago years ago. Here's a blast from the past- NY Times review of Akhnaten from 1984, LOL:
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Dec 10, 2013