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Fascinating post and data. Thanks for sharing. A couple of immediate thoughts from me: 1. In terms of MOOCs, I wonder if thinking about completing in terms of gaining the certificate is appropriate. I say this because for one Coursera MOOC, I feel that I definitely completed it on my own terms, but not in their terms of what I needed to do to get the certificate. This is probably splitting hairs and I know you have to draw the line somewhere. But does 'completion' mean something different in MOOCs? 2. > a significant negative correlation, i.e. the more people who enrol then the lower the percentage who complete. But aren't the numbers who complete in the higher enrolment MOOCs still higher than for smaller MOOCs and is this important or not? 3. As with the point above about the meaning of 'completion' - is 'dropping out' of a MOOC a problem? I'm not sure that it is. I have signed up for a few MOOCs that I have either not started or just cursorily looked at before leaving - but I have also completed a number of MOOCs right down to the very last reading and video. So I suppose my question is - why should we think about MOOC completion rates at all? Presumably all this will be in your paper - which I look forward to reading.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2013 on Completion data for MOOCs at The Ed Techie
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Dec 12, 2013