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Luis Ordoñez
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Excellent, thank you!!! Some time ago I asked stephen downes if I could have access to data on his MOOC's regarding cultural derived performance. In other words, completion data according to countries (catholic european, latinamerican, protestan european, english speaking world, and so on according to the world values survey). He did not accepted. So I got frustrated. I wonder now, that you have such a great data, could you provide the detailed analysis?. It has to do with technology transfers and ways of handling information in different parts of the world (does mom's data is more to be trusted than a MOOC's data?) Most of my work is in spanish bur I bet culture has something to do on how to handle the web. If you doubt ask the social psychologists!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2013 on Completion data for MOOCs at The Ed Techie
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Dec 13, 2013