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It also sounds a LOT like the mindset of the GOP caucuses in each chamber of the AZ Lege. They demonstrated an incredible level of groupthink with the passage of SB1062 and subsequent television interviews defending it.
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You only know about me what I write. The liberties you take in trying to frame my beliefs in terms of your prejudices miss the mark by miles. When mechanisms are put in place to make private schools subject to accountability to taxpayers, we can revisit your bullshit claim about what I believe. By the way, I wonder how good a job the schools in South Tucson or any cash strapped public school district would do if they had a per student budget that matched that enjoyed by private schools like Phoenix Country Day School.
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Note that Reagan's bill requires disclosure of the three largest IDENTIFIABLE contributors. That's the word that will allow the Kochtopus, Sean Noble and Nathan Sproul to weasel out of compliance with any attempt at forcing disclosure or compliance. Well, "can't identify these large donors," so we won't disclose. That's why this bill appears to be aimed primarily at Labor. Because Labor would play by the rules when the Kochs would not.
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The most poignant aspect of SB1062 is that it sanctions religious bigotry in the Arizona statutes on CIVIL RIGHTS.
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Dec 17, 2013