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This segment of there ought to (not) be a law is noteworthy. Unless these flags were “approved by the city engineer”, the Broadway BID’s & the scouts’ brand of civil disobedience is something to be admired. Burlingame Municipal Code 13.40.050 Parking meters and parking meter standards not to be used for certain purposes. No person shall attach anything to or allow a bicycle, newsrack or any other article or thing to lean against a parking meter or a parking meter standard without the approval of the city engineer. (Ord. 1136 § 9, (1978))
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2022 on Happy President's Day at The Burlingame Voice
Another great use of $270,000 worth of Burlingame taxpayer money. $340,000 if you include all the engineering and construction administration. The rubber speed bumps are effective. All the other plastic poles and the traffic paint spilled haven't proven worth our tax dollars. But hey, they're already planning on spending another half a mil for the next phase.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2021 on Traffic Excitement at The Burlingame Voice
There are 43,200 minutes in a month. 8 spaces. So in October: 2650 charging minutes/43,200 minutes that month / 8 spaces = 0.7 % occupancy. That’s less than one percent. Each space is empty 99.3% of the time. 0.7% occupancy means each space averages out to being occupied only 11 minutes out of the day! The rest of the time - 23 hrs, 49 minutes - each space is rendered useless.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2020 on EV Charging: A Slow Go Of It at The Burlingame Voice
Traffic is also picking back up. How to tell? See how much traffic is now struggling to travel along Carmelita which is were the traffic that diverted from Broadway is traveling. That street is so narrow that the two opposing traffic streams are stuck playing chicken and diving into driveways to let the opposite way pass. Another thing the city has not accounted for.
Joe - A lot of this is Caltrans' to fix no question. But check out the catchment area of the drain in the photo. It's the entire long block of Newlands, Central and most of Crescent and Pershing Park. All of that surface water drains to this corner. That's a lot for just two drains to process. If there were intermediate drains on the Burlingame part of the neighborhood this wouldn't be as big a problem. Same problem all the way up and down ECR. For fun, check out how many drains the City has on Broadway. There's easily 50 on that short commercial section. No flooding there, but maybe a tad overdone.
Chalk up another bullet point to the City's list of "significant accomplishments" in 2019. Empty again this morning. "Are electric cars worse for the environment? Crunch the numbers, and it looks like all those subsidies might be counterproductive." "Based on the EIA’s projection of the number of new electric vehicles, the net reduction in CO2 emissions between 2018 and 2050 would be only about one-half of one percent of total forecast U.S. energy-related carbon emissions. Such a small change will have no impact whatsoever on climate, and thus have no economic benefit. So, if electric-vehicle subsidies don’t help the environment, what—or who—do they help? Most electric-vehicle buyers are far wealthier than average Americans. A nationwide survey in 2017 found that 56% had household incomes of at least $100,000 and 17% had household incomes of at least $200,000. (In 2016, median household income for the US as a whole was less than $58,000.) So it’s fair to say the subsidies disproportionately benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor, who cannot afford to buy even subsidized electric vehicles or live in their own homes to take advantage of residential chargers or solar panels. Not only that, the wires and charging stations needed to charge all those electric vehicles will be paid for by all ratepayers, further raising electric rates. And as more wealthy customers install solar panels to charge their electric vehicles, the costs to provide them back-up power will fall on those who cannot afford to do so. In effect, the wealthy owners of electric vehicles will enjoy the benefits of their clean, silent cars, while passing on many of the costs of keeping their vehicles on the road to everyone else, especially the poor."
from the Department of You Cannot Make This Up: The city has also contracted out with a private vendor to install electronic parking signs on Broadway directing drivers to Lot Y and telling them how many spaces are available. So we took 10 public parking spaces out of general use. And we’re going to direct people to this lot with its reduced capacity. $60K of Burlingame taxpayer $$ for the signs and parking sensors. False sense of “environmental” and “sustainability” accomplishment, followed up with false sense of parking enhancement accomplishment.
Just go out and vote. Russ C and Cathy B.
Typical City strategy - ooh shiny object. EV charging (removes a quarter of the parking in a city lot, the roundabout, limebike. Without thinking about the trade offs.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2019 on Lot Y Goes Electric at The Burlingame Voice
Go Caltrans! Just hope they informed and coordinated with the utility companies. They’re known to come in and dig up newly paved streets. Looking at you PG&E and AT&T.
Had never heard of Boringame. I always thought we were Burlinglame. Somewhere between Snoresborough and Millbore. Even Deadwood City now has some buzz.
Almost forgot to greet Burlingame a Happy National Roundabouts week. #roundaboutsweek From the traffic engineers in Florida and North Carolina. And the concrete paving contractors, the cement industry and consultant design lobbying groups of America.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2019 on Roundabout Comes into Focus at The Burlingame Voice
There was one by the frowndabout that got hit so often and replaced (>4x) the city gave up and just removed it for good. RIP.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2019 on Floppy Signs Multiply at The Burlingame Voice
Joe - someone was telling me this story. Pete and Repeat were on a boat in the Burlingame lagoon They were talking about the importance of learning from history. Pete fell off the boat. Who’s left in the boat?
Are those new shiny 25 MPH - RADAR ENFORCED speed limit signs on California Drive between Oak Grove and the Roundabout I see?
Yup. Required by the Fire Department. Also helps the occasionally rare moving truck that needs to make a turn up there. Our famous roundabout has the same mountable curb on its edge, so fire engines, larger vehicles, Samtrans etc can mount the non-landscaped portion of the roundabout. Won’t be long until that too will be covered with black tire marks.
Nothing in the Bay Area or in the state gets done without some sort of environmental analyses or documentation. Doesn't have to be an EIR but some documentation that shows SFO thought about the impacts, forecasted what the traffic impacts were and how they intend to mitigate. Just here waiting for SFO to be challenged to produce their environmental/CEQA docs to show what they thought would happen. If they don't have that doc/report, they can't do what they just did. They have to go back to what it was until they do. Uber/Lyft probably already on this.
If they offered a meal plan, I might sign up for 3 days/week.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2019 on Dine Broadway at The Burlingame Voice
Here's the slide deck, with renderings from the presentation to council: There's a lot of emphasis on offstreet parking, when this should be the walking and neighborhood station. If you maximize parking, they will come. They will drive. And any improvements to traffic via the grade separation will be muted by the number of people driving to the area to get to the station. But that'll be in the late 2020's, early 2030's. We first have to survive 2021 when electrification is done and more trains are running, those RR gates will be down half the time.
All relative. Here’s how much Burlingame’s civil servants get paid. One paid over $300K. Over 20 paid >$200K. Back in 2016! 2019?
Toggle Commented May 25, 2019 on Mission Creep at Caltrain at The Burlingame Voice
File another one under false sense of accomplishment. Cross-ref: greenwashing; virtue signaling that we care about the environment, sustainability and sea-level rise w/o actually doing anything that makes a difference.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2019 on Lot Y Goes Electric at The Burlingame Voice
Not to worry. Caltrans already has plans and money programmed to resurface and fix the drainage problems. In 2024. So it is written, so it shall be done. Meanwhile we all have to channel Moses and Ben Hur to travel the King’s Highway.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2019 on More El Camino Observations at The Burlingame Voice
El Camino was last paved in early 2000's. It has been due for half a decade +. If you want to see where Caltrans are spending state tax dollars, go to San Francisco. Van Ness (US-101) and Lombard (US-101) are both under construction for paving. 19th Avenue (Hwy 1) will be paved this summer. As for 82 aka ECR, it's 5 yrs out at least. Right now, programmed for drainage improvements and paving in 2023-2024.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2019 on El Camino Task Force at The Burlingame Voice
Here is a video explaining why road diets work, for traffic volumes below a certain threshold (<6,000 vehicles per day) Carolan is a good example of a street with volumes that work well with a three lane configuration. People think that four lanes are automatically better than three capacity-wise or travel time-wise. In fact three lanes, with a center lane, can be an improvement. People underestimate the capacity loss or turbulence that happens on four lane roads. People turning left slow and block traffic and create lane changing that has a ripple effect on traffic. This video shows how it works. Traffic is more predictable because of the dedicated left turn lane, less lane changing, less rear end potential and the street maintains the same capacity.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2019 on Bad Dieting Ideas at The Burlingame Voice
I’m no longer surprised at what passes for “design” that city y’all approves. In that same Safeway parking lot, under the awning, are laughably poorly placed bike parking racks. They’re too close to the wall and the railing and impossible to get to. Check it out: Focus is on following minimums and checking a box. Never mind that it doesn’t make sense. It looks good on a 2D piece of paper so it must be on. It’s design by paper, but not common sense or from a user perspective. How many car spaces? Oh we have 200, don’t worry that half of it is not accessible or usable by regular vehicles. Bike parking? We have 8 (but only 4 are really usable, but hey 8)
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2019 on Parking Wishlist: 2019 at The Burlingame Voice