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Jacob Schneider
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Recently I've been thinking about the nature of the people actually creating these crop circles. Whoever designed this is most likely a passionate crop circle researcher themselves. Perhaps they're just a talented surveyor but based on the intricacy put into this, they've probably spent a good amount of time not only thinking about how to make these circles themselves, but also the off world implication of what they're trying to imitate. The only reason I bring this up is because what if the extra messages found about Ison and potential 'event' references is only something the deeper UFO research community would pick up on. If this is a true crop circle artist they would want to not only push their own capability, but that of their audience. The only way to really know if this is possible is to see if the diagram was pre-designed or if it was the creation of the artist. Might be worth investigating...
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Jan 9, 2014