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Lucinda Huijskens
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Waauw, it really is amazing!
Wauw, what a wonderfull machine! I would like to make the healthy almond Cherry Coconut Granola ;D
Waaauww, this is so beautiful. You are so good. I like to style houses myself, but I can't pay that now
Woow Elsie, I really love love love your site. Every day I see beautiful DIY's. I'm jealous you can do that all. My room is so childly but I can't spend somuch money on it. So the visa card will be a good use. I like the whole room, the colors, the furniture, the accessories, everything. I like styling (fashion, room etc.). I think it's very daring to paint the door yellow, I would never dare that. But the concept of a half-half door. The wall is amazing and it fits just perfect with the door and the furniture! <3 So I like the wall better than the door, because I won't dare that myself, but I really really love the room!
Nice project! I really like the idea that it's just very simple but so cute! I would realy love the ''Oil Pastels, Set of 36'' Because i still have a painting on my to do list with oil pastels. But Ican't find the right one in surrounding shops. I want to melt them with the hairdryer. And the colours of these oil pastels are marvellous. Lucinda
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Jan 17, 2014